Our Process

                                                                                  MAS Planning Process

With over 40 years of experience in the financial markets and holistic financial planning, MAS has developed a proprietary customized approach to develop and solve for our clients' needs, wants, and wishes.  This approach is a 5 step process to ensure we fully comprehend and can address these very important goals for clients.  Surprisingly, this process can be quite unusual for our new clients as they are often used to 1 or 2 appointments claiming to solve their needs.  We have found in our review of their prior solutions, these are often quite superficial in its development and execution.  What sets us apart from the rest comes down to our ability to identify and execute on what is important to our clients and it takes time to understand that.  Typically from step one to step four takes 3-4 weeks.

Step 1: Suitability Appointment - This is the first step in our process and quite possibly the most important.  Here we discuss your planning needs, expectations for an advisor, and the feasibility of a working relationship for both you as well as MAS.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting - This step begins with data gathering.  This is where potential clients provide us with their financial documents; insurance, retirement, cash flow, and business documents. During this meeting,  your risk and return objectives as defined by Modern Portfolio Theory are established as well as any investment constraints are identified.  These objectives describe what you want in the future and serve as the basis of your financial plan.

Step 3: Analysis - This is where MAS presents you with a customized plan designed to meet your goals and values we discussed in the discovery interview as well as an asset allocation that will drive your long-term success.  The proposed solution illustrates the current allocation of your assets compared to a number of proposed alternatives.  You will then choose which allocation with which you feel comfortable.

Step 4: Funding - This step begins the "act" phase.  We discuss proposed investments based upon your selected portfolio allocation.  We will review historical information of the investments, as well as confirming your understanding of their future potential risk and return.  Providing you have no questions/concerns, we begin implementing the plan. As discussed prior, we strive to create customized strategies that are unique to our clients. Where possible, we strive to maintain the existing integrity of your portfolio when implementing the strategies.  Our portfolio manager will assess what needs to change, if anything, and relay this to you prior to finalizing. New accounts will be funded, if not already done, and allocated based on the selected allocation.

Step 5: Review - This final step is critical to the long-term success of your plan.  As a client of MAS, we provide you with the opportunity to meet with us on a quarterly basis to review the progress of your plan.  Here we discuss the performance of your portfolio and current market conditions.  We also make sure that nothing has dramatically changed in your life, if so this may cause us to revisit your goals and outcomes.  This allows us to review and make any necessary changes in your portfolio on an on-going basis.  As a client, we welcome any questions and concerns at any time and encourage you to contact us when our assistance is needed.